Depending on the results of your examination, Dr. Winkle may decide that X-rays are necessary. X-rays, when taken, provide a "blueprint," or outline, and information that may bring about a more favorable outcome to treatment -- information about your spine's alignment, or stress areas. They may also be used to rule out tumors, fractures, and other hidden conditions. Once a specific diagnosis is made, your Doctor will give you a treatment that will reduce the pain you're in and start to correct the cause of your spinal dysfunction.

By gently and precisely manipulating specific joints, Dr. Winkle may adjust your spine to improve your spinal alignment and motion, and relieve muscle spasms, pressure, or irritation. After your adjustment, you may feel immediate improvement, although most people experience a gradual, progressive relief of their symptoms.

After this initial appointment, our plan will be to start you on a short course of treatment that can last anywhere from two to six weeks (due to the fact that every case is individual, your treatment time could be shorter or longer than this). Initially, you may set up two or three appointments pretty close together. Let's assume you rated your pain -- on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the most severe -- at a five or above. Your next appointment will probably be the following day. If you're experiencing a situation where the onset of pain was two or three weeks ago, and now it's more nagging, we'd probably do a treatment and see you next in a couple of days. After every ten visits, give or take, we'll want to re-evaluate your condition to make sure we're hitting the benchmarks we've set, and can see whether we're bringing about the desired results

Your Doctor may prescribe other treatments to help restore your spinal alignment and function.

Heartland Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center is equipped with the finest of therapeutic modalities, including ultrasound and electro stimulation to help reduce pain and swelling. Additional braces and supports may be prescribed to relieve pressure on your spinal joints.

If you're comfortable enough to sit for a few minutes, the first thing we'll ask you to do is fill out a patient-registration and health-history form. *(or you can print and fill out the new patient form attached below and bring it in with you for a more expedient visit.)

You'll be asked to answer questions about the specific problem that brings you into the clinic on this particular day, and about your overall health, your general level of physical activities, and about any previous injuries and treatment you've had. The basic background information Dr. Winkle needs to know.

After that, you'll be brought back to one of the examination rooms.

Then, Dr. Winkle will come in and meet with you and look you over. In addition to a general physical, orthopedic, and neurological examination, a Chiropractic examination also includes detection of tenderness, restricted joint movement, levels of pain, and any other signs of neck, back and joint problems. Whatever hurts, wherever your pain is, this is what your Doctor will be evaluating and talking to you about. When that's done, Dr. Winkle will tell you what he or she thinks is going on -- medically speaking, give you a brief report of findings -- and if you're in agreement, move ahead with the appropriate treatment right then and there, during that very first visit.

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